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A new idea for an old way of working.

Normally your hosting would be done at the same place you would buy your domain, we offer you plain hosting so you can be independant. You buy the domain at the registar of your choice and have a simple setup done without any of the extra's.

And then you can start with the fun part. To design and build your site and upload it to the world wide web so all can see you are there.

Here can RunHosting.nl help you out.

We offer you the space to upload your website, build with the tools you want, being in HTML, PHP, Java, Perl, Ruby or the upcoming generations of tools.
We will give you the space you want and need to reach the world, in a way which works best for you.

So it is an old idea for the new way of working.
Hosting as simple as it can be. Just plain space on the World Wide Web where you need it.
And ofcources can it be less simple if your needs are there. Backups, Cloud, CountryBound or any other wish can be done.
But it is all done for you, so you can focus on getting your site online.